Q: How much property tax refund are we talking about?

A: Refunds depend on the size, type, and value of the property and can vary anywhere from a few thousand to tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars per parcel. We can promptly provide a free estimate of the amount of refunds we could get for your property. Please provide your property address in the email form by clicking on the GET YOUR REFUND ESTIMATE button, or call us with your property address.


Q: I already have someone who handles my property matters; don’t they take care of this?

A: You may have employed property managers, accountants or other staff to manage your property. You need these people and you may continue to use them as we do not replace their functions. However, our work is very specialized and we offer a unique service that is not performed by anyone else who handles your property matters.


Q: Why shouldn’t I try to pursue property tax refunds on my own?

A: Much in the same way an accountant may do your income taxes, there are some jobs that are worth paying a little to make sure they get done right. Obtaining property tax refund is one of those jobs. We are experts in obtaining property tax refunds. There is a lot of research and documentation work that is needed to obtain property tax refunds. If you try on your own and make an error, you can jeopardize your refund and once denied on your own, your refund opportunity will be gone. With PBS you can be sure that we will do thorough research and documentation to obtain the maximum refunds possible on your property.


Q: Where do the refunds come from?

A: Your property tax bill has various charges from government agencies and utilities including taxes, fees, and assessments. We have expertise in analyzing whether your property is overcharged and if so the estimate of refunds we can obtain for your property. All refunds are mailed directly to you from the agencies that overcharged you. There are two types of charges on your property tax bills that have refund potential. (1) Your base property tax related to the value of your property, and (2) direct assessment charges (placed by agencies like water and sewer agencies). We help you not only get refunds of prior years’ charges but also reduce charges for futures years on your property tax bills. We file all necessary appeals to get your base property tax reduced and also work with and file appeals to agencies that placed direct assessment charges on your properties.


Q: Is there any downside in pursuing these refunds with your help?

A:No, there is absolutely no downside. We do not charge any upfront fee. We work strictly on contingency so you are absolutely under no obligation to pay unless and until we get you a refund. If you don’t get a refund, you don’t pay anything. You pay our fee after you receive refunds in your hands and our fee is much lower than our competitors’, which results in a much larger net refund in your hands.


Q: What is the process to obtain refunds?

A: The process is very simple. First, you need to email or call us with your property information. Once we receive your property information, we will do our analysis and promptly inform you of our estimate of refunds. Then we send you a simple agreement that you sign and return. After that, we will promptly start working on your refunds and shortly thereafter you will receive refunds directly from agencies.